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Turn your climate goals into actions

We help cities address the climate crisis by providing tools to plan, manage and communicate climate efforts. The solutions we build leverage collaboration and systematic use of data.

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Kausal Watch

Strategic Content and Data Publishing Platform

Kausal Watch web publishing platform collects all the data on the actions that your city is taking for climate mitigation. It helps your city to shift from traditional retrospective reporting into real-time monitoring. Kausal Watch works for both internal and external communication gathering all the relevant information in one place. Creating a common situation overview of the climate actions and emissions enables effective management of climate strategy. Kausal offers the platform setup, continuous maintenance and training.

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Make climate actions visible

Improve transparency with real time communication to residents and decision makers. By communicating what your city has already accomplished and what you plan to do next, you can turn climate anxiety into climate action. Visualization of the big picture helps to make sense of bigger and smaller climate actions.

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Stay on track

Identify the next steps to put those climate goals into practice and use Kausal Watch to make sure they are not getting stalled. Don't let the climate goals be just strategy talk. Let's make sure they will become reality.

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Collaborate and allocate resources more effectively

With Kausal Watch you can make climate actions everyone's business in your organization and help the employees make an impact. Creating a collaboration network gives everyone an important role and makes the coordination of climate actions easier.

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Identify the actions with the biggest impacts

With custom metrics you can monitor where you stand and how much still needs to be done to reach the goals. The indicators can reveal the bottlenecks and show which actions are most effective in reducing emissions. Agreeing on indicators and target levels helps to make sure that the climate strategy is actually implemented successfully.

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Not only for the climate actions

We have designed Kausal Watch originally to track and collaborate on climate strategies. However, after taking the service into use, our customers have wanted to use it for their other strategic programs too! Check out how Helsinki leverages the platform to track the actions for improving the everyday physical activity of citizens.


Said about Kausal Watch

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Our COVID-19 Response

As our response to COVID-19 pandemic, Kausal took action to help. We used our expertise in simulation modeling to build an agent-based REINA model to produce realistic scenarios about actions to tackle the epidemic.

We collaborate with academic experts to support policy makers in making well informed decisions.

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/// Research paper pre-print

About Us

Meet the Team

Kausal is a growing team of data, science and technology professionals. We are determined to provide the best available information to support decision making for a more sustainable world.

Our journey started in Helsinki when our founding team members developed the Helsinki Climate Watch.

Soon other cities contacted the founding team asking for the service to be scaled up for their use as well. Kausal was born.

Sonja-Maria Ignatius
Founder, CEO
Juha Yrjölä
Founder, Head of Technology
Jouni Tuomisto
Founder, Head of Science
Tero Tikkanen
Founder, Head of Design


We are currently scaling Kausal Watch service and accepting requests from ambitious cities who want the join the forefront against climate crisis.

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